Photo Credit:Felipe Collado

Following in the footsteps of Cohen and with his deep and sultry ”Bowie meets Joy Division’s Ian Curtis” vocals, Cairo born Montreal based singer/songwriter, TEROUZ brings his signature ”Hypno electro/noir” to the scene by curating his original songs with his taste for 90s nostalgia and 70s & 80s electro-pop/rock elements.

His first single “Outstanding” (2019) has been deemed one of the year’s best songs by California’s Rawckus magazine.

“Outstanding” is better than excellent, entering the rarified realm of superlatives. This is one of the best tracks of the year, sexy, powerful, and inspiring.” -Rawckus magazine.

in 2020, his second single, “Burn,” has received the Factor Grant making him one of the 33%Canadians nationwide to receive the Factor Artist Development grant during the first year of the pandemic.

Terouz released his third single in 2021, “Big Boy Games.” This would be the first time the Egyptian Canadian concept artist fully integrates his illustrations with his music.It was added to Exclaim’s The Eh! List 🇨🇦 on the Friday of its release.

 ”Trust me, you’ll love every second of this electro roller coaster.’-Turn Up The Volume🇧🇪

”It’s a unique and thoughtful piece of audiovisual storytelling, one that doesn’t suffer the complexities of vague and veiled lyrics – it’s refreshingly direct, unapologetic and doesn’t mince its words… or sounds.”

-Scene Noise  🇪🇬

Along with his co-producer, mix engineer and keyboardist Gabriel Ethier (Garou, Azam Ali, Marie Mai) Terouz’ manages to  carefully craft his songs into intimate capsules, where one is intoxicatingly swayed into contending to lead his cinematic stories of inner and outer struggles.

”Hypno-noir ‘’ he calls it, a cinematic, muscular sound imbued with wickedly erotic sensations, rife with intensity yet soothing with its pacing.