Major Announcement:

After 6 years of countless stories and warm memories The Rising Few was a true testament to going out there and just « doing it ».  It is my hope that The Rising Few filled all of you with joy, inspiration that our collective soul could exude.
After a self-imposed period of quiet and reflection it is in all humility and gratitude that I must say, “A Dieu” to The Rising Few.
To all of my supporters, throughout the Mediterranean, Egypt, Montréal, and elsewhere around the world, I say warmly, thank you and ”Alf Shokr”.
I now stand before you as TEROUZ and I will be announcing my first release, same time next week!
Onwards! and God bless!

-Karim Térouz

For Rising Few fans on social media:

-Rising Few music will be available again on Rising Few’s Spotify page and all streaming stores by the end of August 2019.
-Rising Few videos will re-emerge once again on TEROUZ youtube channel!
-Some Rising Few merch and CDs will still be available via our online store! But it’s gotta go quick!
-This website will be converted to TEROUZ.COM, so make sure you bookmark that!

Follow TEROUZ here:


Facebook: In progress of rebranding, waiting for facebook approvals.

Spotify:    August!



Soundcloud (includes Rising Few music) :

Catch The Few at Passovah Fringe POP !

Passovah, POP Montreal et Festival St-Ambroise Fringe de Montréalprésentent:

Passovah Fringe POP
Samedi et Dimanche 17 et 18 juin 2017
Parc des Amériques (coin St-Laurent / Rachel)

17 juin 2017
19:00 Motherhood
20:00 Napster Vertigo
21:00 Loon

18 juin 2017
16:00 Lucius P Thundercat
17:00 JLK & The Assassins
18:00 The Rising Few
19:00  Foundling
20:00  Fountain

Contribution Volontaire! 🙂

CJLO1690AM Interviews The Rising Few

CJLO’s The Cornice Crow interviewed The Rising Few about everything coming up in this first half of 2017.
From the new EP ”Adult Entertainment” to upcoming shows, Canadian Music Week in Toronto and  the new members of the band .
André Galamba, Andrew Sudlow and Karim also give acoustic renditions of ”The Start”, ”Soleil” and the new track off the up and coming new compilation ”Lights and Shadows”
Listen to the full interview here

The Rising Few collaborate with Egyptian Painter Nazir El Tanbouli

Alexandrian Egyptian artist Nazir El Tanbouli, living In London, just gave us his blessing to go ahead and use his piece “Fairies of a Golden Forest” as a digital poster for our up and coming February shows!
You can find more of this splendid artist here: