After 6 years of countless stories and warm memories The Rising Few was a true testament to going out there and just « doing it ».  It is my hope that The Rising Few filled all of you with joy, inspiration that our collective soul could exude.
After a self-imposed period of quiet and reflection it is in all humility and gratitude that I must say, “A Dieu” to The Rising Few.
To all of my supporters, throughout the Mediterranean, Egypt, Montréal, and elsewhere around the world, I say warmly, thank you and ”Alf Shokr”.
I now stand before you as TEROUZ and I will be announcing my first release, same time next week!
Onwards! and God bless!

-Karim Térouz

For Rising Few fans on social media:

-Rising Few music will be available again on Rising Few’s Spotify page and all streaming stores by the end of August 2019.
-Rising Few videos will re-emerge once again on TEROUZ youtube channel!
-Some Rising Few merch and CDs will still be available via our online store! But it’s gotta go quick!
-This website will be converted to TEROUZ.COM, so make sure you bookmark that!

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Spotify:    August!



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