“This is the best move you ever did in your life, Karim…”

11 month ago, Hubert and I sat on his balcony near Cremazy Merto and jammed out Sinners on St-Laurent for the first time…8 other tracks followed in and our bandmates grooved with their respectively to each one of em…an album was born..all under the same theme of the city’s nightlife…our sound was formed and our identity was born.

In the next couple of weeks..pre-production of the Album ”Sinners on St-Laurent”carrying 9 thematic songs starts with Glen Robinson!

”this is the best move you ever did in your life Karim” said Hubert.

Glen is ultimately the most hardworking honest man i have met yet…his gear,experience and skills in pushing an artist to give the best is beyond i have ever witnessed.

Montreal can seem pretty mediocre sometimes when you don’t meet brilliant talents like Glen,our work with him justifies and wraps up our first year to the fullest extent.